Fitness and Leisure

Westview Heights Community Association offers a variety of Fitness and Leisure activities that are fun and affordable.

Indoor Programs

Westview INdoor Program

Westview Heights Community Association runs a variety of sports, arts, and leisure activity for adults and child in the fall and winter months. Registration is available in September and January of each year. Some activities might include: yoga, Zumba, Lego club, art classes, dance, and pickle ball. Registration is available in person or by website.

Kids Outdoor Soccer

Westview Soccer

Westview is happy to offer a outdoor soccer program starting in May each year. Registration happens in February. This soccer program is run 100% by volunteers and are always looking for people who are interested in being soccer coaches.

Outdoor Rink

Westview Rink

Westview’s community rink is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who manage all the maintenance and flooding of the rink. The rink is open once the temperature reaches the correct coldness and until it warms up in the spring. There are set “public skate” times in the winter when there is no hockey pucks or sticks are allowed on the ice. The rink shack is open to warm up and a rink supervisor is present.

Paddling Pool

Westview Paddeling POol

The City of Saskatoon recreation program runs a community paddling pool which is free for anyone to use. The pool is generally open July and August and supervision by the Summer Fun Program leaders is provided by the City of Saskatoon.

A huge thank you to our volunteers

Dave, Michael and Chris – Rink Coordinator

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