Jane’s Walk – May 6-8

Jane’s Walk is a FREE, community-building weekend of citizen-lead walks that celebrate the diversity, joys, and challenges of city life.  Dedicated to Jane Jacobs (urban activist and author) Jane’s Walk continues the spirit of civic engagement advocated & achieved by Jacobs.

Janes Walk

 This year exciting walks are lined up including along 33rd Street, a Haunted Tour, and the North East swale.  We don’t have many walks outside of downtown and we would like some of the other neighbourhoods to show us what you’re made of!

Jane’s Walk is a great opportunity to bring burning issues to light, share a lovely hidden gem, or discuss the history of a place. Whatever the motivation, we encourage you to consider leading a Jane’s Walk this year!  Jane’s Walk is May 6-8. For more information contact: Lisa Karkut, Jane’s Walk Committee janeswalksaskatoon@gmail.com


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