Annual General Meeting

You are all invited to the WHCA Annual General Meeting

Monday October 15th


In the Caroline Robins School Library

Some perks of attending

Anyone who has a WHCA membership and attends the meeting will have their name put into a draw to win $100.00 – just imagine you can win $100 just for showing up. Amazing.

For each person that attends the AGM the WHCA will be donating $50.00 to the Caroline Robins School (up to 1500). That’s so great! JUST FOR SHOWING UP – wow.

There are usually some drinks and cookies available. Sometimes even home made cookies. You just can’t go wrong here.

What the heck is the Annual General Meeting anyways?

Well long story short, you are all members of the Westview Heights Community Association, the board of directors works for you – on your behalf! So that means that you get to have a choice in who is in charge of the community association, you get to have access to their plans for the future, you get to see the financial reports to ensure that everything is being done in a manner that full fills our organizations objectives.

What are our objectives?

This is quoted from our Articles of Incorporation, the entire document can be requested by e-mailing us

7.1 To promote and assist educational, civic, and recreational and amusement programs in the community; to promote and assist generally the welfare of the persons in the community; and to promote and assist the development of the material resources of the community; and more particularly, but not so as to restrict the generality of the foregoing:

(a) To advise the city and government officials, both elected and appointed, of the needs and desires of the residents in the community.
(b) To scrutinize municipal and educational decisions as they apply to Saskatoon in general and the community in particular.
(c) To work in co-operation with the city of Saskatoon Community Services in the development and organization of the recreation and amusement facilities and sites.
(d) To work in conjunction with other organizations and departments in the development of educational, recreational, amusement and crime prevention programs in the community and for the community.
(e) To promote and carry out activities by which funds are raised for carrying out and furthering the objectives of this association.

I want to be a part of the WHCA Board of  directors!

That’s great – we are always looking for people who are enthusiastic about making Westview a great place to call home. Each position is a 2 year term. That means you will hold the position for 2 years, the reason we do this is because usually it takes a year to figure out what you are doing in the first place so it would be difficult to have a new person in that roll. You can run for the same position for more than 2 years if you wish.

During the AGM the membership will have an opportunity to elect and vote on who they believe is best for the position. If there is no one interested in a certain position that position will remain vacant. The WHCA board might fill that vacant position during the year but will still need to have them voted in during the AGM as it is ultimately up to the members to decide.

The board meetings once a month on the 3rd Monday of the month at Caroline Robins School. You will make the greatest impact by attending all or as many of the meetings as possible.

What positions are up for election this year?

Here is the list of positions that are available for elections this year and a brief description of the position:

President – This person steers the ship, they lead the monthly board meetings and represent the WHCA to the city and other community associations. They may take on additional duties as they see fit. Some past experience in community associations is preferred for this position.

Treasurer – This person will manage the budget and bank account of the organization. They will pay bills, receive money, present the current financial situation of the organization at each meeting. Someone who has built trust with the organization as a volunteer or previous board member is preferred for this position. Experience working with money is always a preference.

Indoor Coordinator – This person over sees the execution of all the fitness and leisure classes that the community offers in the fall and winter and sometimes spring session. They must choose what classes will be offered, hire and pay instructors, organize registration, advertise the classes being offered, contact people in case of cancelations or changes to the classes. This position is a high time commitment during the busy season.

Media Coordinator – This person will coordinate the community newsletter, website and facebook page. Receive advertisements and send out invoices for the hard copy newsletter, collect content and edit the newsletter, update the website (wordpress), update content for the Facebook page.

Social Coordinator – plan social events like the day in the park, turkey bingo, other ideas you might have. There may be some opportunity to write grants or find sponsorships for events. You will need to coordinate the details of the events and establish volunteers to carry out the tasks. There is a lot of support from the other WHCA board members when it comes to hosting social events. We love ’em.

Soccer Coordinator – we have an outdoor soccer program that runs in the spring. This person would coordinate with the soccer center, do registration, make teams, find coaches, distribute equipment and answer any questions about the program.

Members at Large – 2 positions available – these people attend meetings, give their ideas, volunteer to help with special projects. They might also take on an additional responsibility that is not listed above. This is a great position for someone bran new to the organization to get your feet wet before deciding which position you’d like to volunteer your time for.

Secretary (one year left of a 2 year term) – This person takes minutes at the board meetings, types them up and sends them out to the group. These minutes are important especially during discussions about budget, or spending money.

What positions are NOT up for election this year?

These are the positions that are currently filled and will be voted on next year at the AGM:

Vice President: Sami Parvez

Secretary: Vacant

Membership: Nicole Hammerstedt

Equipment: Dave Brock

Citizen Patrol: Nicole Hammerstedt

Indoor Coordinator Assistant: Marian Roth

Past President (Not-Elected): No longer involved

Members at Large: Brian McAlaster, Nelda Mercer, Valerie Hales